Going for a Property Visit? Don’t forget to ask these questions

IntroductionWe live in the digital era where information is just a click away. You can buy and sell just about everything by viewing information in real-time. Similarly, even with buying and selling real estate, there are numerous online sites available, where individuals can upload pictures, provide details about the property and also provide verified contact details. However, is this alone […]

Why real estate investment is better than gold investment?

Introduction Real estate and gold are integral to every Indian household including their hopes and dreams for a better future, not just for themselves, but also for their family’s future when the key members may be long gone. Our generations have built houses or bought properties to enable their children to have financial security as well as add to their […]

Guduvanchery: A growing realty destination of Chennai

Guduvanchery is a hotspot for the residential property in Chennai. If you are seeking a better place out from the bustling ambience of the city, this is going to be your best choice! The lavishness of land, filled to the brim with scenic lakes and greenery, puts Guduvanchery on the list of suburbs with a potential to shine in the […]

Investing in cities or suburbs: Which is better?

It’s no secret that cities and suburbs offer very different and distinct living experiences. Your age, your mindset and the current phase of life you are in should be factored in while buying property in either of the living spaces. Although the place you call home should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle choices, certain factors such as […]

5 Things you should know before buying a Farm Land

Introduction Imagine a getaway you can enjoy, away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city life and mundane routine? Have you visited homestays built on farmlands, where you wake up to the smell of the fields and the voices of the birds? Owning a farmland and building a cozy home is a dream for many. Mostly, such agricultural […]