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Must do things before investing in Residential Plots

Introduction The majority of individuals or families aspire to buy a home within the city, an apartment, or under-construction apartments, ready-to-move-in properties, or plots depending on their needs and preferences. If you are constrained for time, then apartments for immediate sale are your most likely choice. For example, buying plots brings in better appreciation value. Moreover, it gives you the […]

Home or Plot: Which is the best investment option?

Introduction Real estate investment is always a huge move and the most expensive investment option. There are a host of real estate investment options available to you today. Homes, apartments, plots are some of the options you can choose from. The big question is which real estate investment is the best. Should you buy a home or a plot? This […]

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for the registration of properties?

Introduction The glitzy world of real estate comes with its share of fraudulent practices because of the bureaucratic process. Recently in Tamilnadu, a scam was uncovered when a government official created a fake Power of Attorney (POA) document of a property worth over four crores. The owner of the property was residing abroad. When the encumbrance certificate or the document […]

Which is the best suburb to invest in Chennai?

Introduction Chennai is considered one of the best metros to live in, from among all other metros such as Calcutta, Mumbai, and Delhi. It is considered a safe haven for women and the infrastructure is much better than other cities. So it is no wonder that people want to invest in real estate properties in Chennai. The suburbs have come […]

What is Patta and how to get Patta for your land?

Introduction The word Patta is quite well-known these days. The large scale migration from smaller towns to cities and increased purchasing power has created a surge in real-estate prices. People are buying plots of land or properties as a future investment and to improve their current lifestyle. Some invest in properties to make a profit at a later date or […]

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