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Things you need to check when investing in Plots

Introduction Investing in real estate takes many forms depending on the purpose of the investment, the budget, and overall plan. The different forms of real estate investment includes an apartment, a plot to build a house of your dreams or using it for other purposes such as agriculture, buying a villa which is the next big thing touted in the […]

What are the things to consider before buying a Villa in Chennai?

Introduction The real estate segment in India is one of the fastest growing sectors. There is room for every buyer today, which may not have been the case in the past. With increased purchasing power today, almost every family aspires to buy another property in addition to the existing property they own. You have budget apartments, gated community projects, and […]

An exclusive guide for multiple real estate investments

Introduction Considering a step in real-estate investment as a future career? And why not, it is not only incredibly lucrative but also ensures that there is a good income flow and over a period of time, builds your net worth considerably. Starting with baby steps, with one real estate deal to get a taste of the industry is important. From […]

Is buying a plot in small towns a good investment?

Introduction Considering an investment option in real estate? Are you looking for flip-and-fix opportunities? The real estate sector is one of the most lucrative investment options today. The value of land continues to appreciate and so does investment in different types of properties such as apartments, villas, homes, gated communities and so on. With cities and urban areas becoming saturated, […]

5 Costs to consider when buying your Home

Introduction Buying a home of your dreams is a great driving force for most families, more so in India. However, as wonderful the idea sounds, it is a big step since it involves a heavy financial commitment. So it is absolutely important that there is enough time spent researching on the properties that are of interest to you. In India, […]

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