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What is the impact of RERA in buying a home?

The real estate sector in India is not an organized market. It is not governed by an overseeing body nor does it require sellers to be registered. Any individual, irrespective of their qualifications can act as a broker to find you a house or an apartment for sale or rent. There have been many cases in the media where home […]


How has real estate in Chennai arisen as one of the best investments?

This has a very interesting and profound story behind it – Chennai comes with a rich history and is a major cultural, trade, and social hub ever since the 1st century. Until the 17th century, Chennai remained a small fishing village called ‘Madraspatnam’ along the coast of Coromandel. The city of Chennai evolved into what it is today only in […]


Why location is important while buying a home?

Every one of us has many factors that would rule the decision when we wish to buy a house. One of the primary and most crucial concerns would be “LOCATION”. The location, foremost, affects your quality of life and the resale value of the property. In this article, we look into the most important factors that will help you decide […]


What is the procedure to buy a new flat in India?

The process of buying a Flat in India is possibly one of the biggest personal investments and tedious process. At the outset, any set of tips for buying a flat say that one needs to fix on a budget, location, and requirements as per personal or family needs. However, beyond that when it comes down to making the final decision, […]

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The 4 Main Types of Real Estate Investment Properties

Real estate investing is much more than buying a property and hoping its value will increase. Among other things, you need to know the types of real estate investment properties and how they can bring you the biggest return on your investment. Read more to learn about the four main types of real estate investment properties. If you want to […]

WISDOM PROPERTIES MD Mr.Mohan’s view on Covid-19 impact

Mr. S Mohan, Managing Director of Wisdom Properties shares his views about the impact of COVID-19 in Indian Real Estate.   Already Indian real estate is going through a rough patch. In this situation most of the people in the industry and people who have invested in real estate and those have the intent to invest in real estate may […]