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Buying a property

Tamilnadu Property Registration – Charges and Procedure

You may have bought that new house in Chennai or any other part of Tamil Nadu, and you would have even started living in your dream home, but the procedures and processes will not be over until you complete certain procedures. Having physical ownership of the house still does not make you the owner! In this article we will explain […]

Certificate and Documentation in Real Estate

Legal documents and revenue records you will come across in your property purchase journey

1. TITLE DEED For most Indians, property purchase is a faraway dream. They spend more than half of their lives wondering how to make enough money to finally buy their own house. Most elders advise the younger generation to somehow fulfil this dream as they see it as the best investment and the means to a secure future. The younger […]

Growth of IT companies in small towns

Things you need to know before investing in Commercial Real Estate

If you are considering investing in real estate properties then Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is a great option as it is an excellent way to grow your passive income, has good growth potential, lower risk factor and gives steady returns. Commercial properties include office buildings, retail, warehouses and apartments. Investing in commercial and residential properties necessitates a completely different approach […]


What is the impact of RERA in buying a home?

The real estate sector in India is not an organized market. It is not governed by an overseeing body nor does it require sellers to be registered. Any individual, irrespective of their qualifications can act as a broker to find you a house or an apartment for sale or rent. There have been many cases in the media where home […]


How has real estate in Chennai arisen as one of the best investments?

This has a very interesting and profound story behind it – Chennai comes with a rich history and is a major cultural, trade, and social hub ever since the 1st century. Until the 17th century, Chennai remained a small fishing village called ‘Madraspatnam’ along the coast of Coromandel. The city of Chennai evolved into what it is today only in […]


Why location is important while buying a home?

Every one of us has many factors that would rule the decision when we wish to buy a house. One of the primary and most crucial concerns would be “LOCATION”. The location, foremost, affects your quality of life and the resale value of the property. In this article, we look into the most important factors that will help you decide […]

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