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What is the procedure to buy a new flat in India?

The process of buying a Flat in India is possibly one of the biggest personal investments and tedious process. At the outset, any set of tips for buying a flat say that one needs to fix on a budget, location, and requirements as per personal or family needs. However, beyond that when it comes down to making the final decision, […]

residential real estate

The 4 Main Types of Real Estate Investment Properties

Real estate investing is much more than buying a property and hoping its value will increase. Among other things, you need to know the types of real estate investment properties and how they can bring you the biggest return on your investment. Read more to learn about the four main types of real estate investment properties. If you want to […]

WISDOM PROPERTIES MD Mr.Mohan’s view on Covid-19 impact

Mr. S Mohan, Managing Director of Wisdom Properties shares his views about the impact of COVID-19 in Indian Real Estate.   Already Indian real estate is going through a rough patch. In this situation most of the people in the industry and people who have invested in real estate and those have the intent to invest in real estate may […]

Buy Residential Plot near Chennai City

5 Reasons to keep in mind before registering your property

When one is looking to register a property in Chennai, or anywhere in India, they have to be guided by Section 17 of the Registration Act 1908. This act aims at ensuring that all transactions regarding the said property have all the required information and that all legal records for the property are maintained. In this article, we bring you […]

DTCP approved plots in Sriperumbudur

Going for a Property Visit? Don’t forget to ask these questions

IntroductionWe live in the digital era where information is just a click away. You can buy and sell just about everything by viewing information in real-time. Similarly, even with buying and selling real estate, there are numerous online sites available, where individuals can upload pictures, provide details about the property and also provide verified contact details. However, is this alone […]

Buy and sale proeprties in Chennai

Why real estate investment is better than gold investment?

Introduction Real estate and gold are integral to every Indian household including their hopes and dreams for a better future, not just for themselves, but also for their family‚Äôs future when the key members may be long gone. Our generations have built houses or bought properties to enable their children to have financial security as well as add to their […]