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Wisdom Making Your Dreams Come True!

How has real estate in Chennai arisen as one of the best investments?

This has a very interesting and profound story behind it – Chennai comes with a rich history and is a major cultural, trade, and social hub ever since the 1st century. Until the 17th century, Chennai remained a small fishing village called ‘Madraspatnam’ along the coast of Coromandel. The city of Chennai evolved into what it is today only in the 17th century.

The East India Company was responsible for laying the current day foundations when they constructed Fort St. George in the year 1644. This fort gains importance as it was the first major English establishment in the country that made Chennai (erstwhile Madras) a hub for trade and administration, creating a history of sorts.

Today, after India gained independence, Chennai has become one of the four metropolitan cities in India and a foremost real estate destination that has been compelled by the flourishing economy. This has made real estate investment in Chennai one of the most profitable!

Investing in real estate in Chennai is a prudent, sensible, and bankable option.

We give you the prime reasons why investing in real estate properties in Chennai would be the most lucrative for you.

1. Investing in real estate in Chennai is a safe option

As compared to mutual funds, stocks, forex trade, gold or digital currency etc. real estate is a safer option with good yields and hugely profitable in the long run. Chennai has recorded substantial growth in real estate in the last two decades, but there is a lot more potential and will surely give great results in the next 5-10 years. 

2.    In the real estate segment, Chennai provides innumerable options

In each category in real estate, Chennai offers scope such as affordable homes, cottages, bungalows, villas, luxury homes, row houses, apartments and office buildings as well, all of which can provide you appreciation as well as a steady income by way of rents or give you a good place to live in. Within a budget of 30- 50 lakhs one can acquire very affordable and good homes in Chennai while an investment of 1 Cr. or more can get you villas or bungalows. This means that by investing in Chennai you can get the best that will fit your budget.

3. Rental Yield can be lucrative

If you wish to secure your money in a safe investment that also yields good income, then investing in real estate in Chennai is one of the best options. With a constant and unending demand for rental homes and office spaces, driven by the large workforce which is employed at the many industrial zones, SEZ, etc. letting out your property on rent to the educated people will be quite hassle-free. With the rental revenue/income seeing a steady rise in Chennai do we need to say more in favor?

4. Property prices in Chennai appreciating at a steady pace

Chennai’s economy has been experiencing high growth over the years and is continuing to do so. While there may be a few ups and downs, overall the real estate market will only see an upward trend in the next decade. With FDI investments on the rise, one can expect to gain a huge profit from his / her real estate investment.

5. Ease in selling your property in Chennai

Since there are many in Chennai who understand the potential of real estate market in Chennai, the market is generally pretty fluid and with significant migration of people to and from Chennai, if and when you wish to sell your property there will not be any dearth of buyers and when you wish to liquidate your property your wait will not be for long!

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