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Amenities of Gated communities

Gated Community or Independent Villa: Which one should you buy?

Introduction Most people nurse the idea of buying their own home customized to suit their tastes. Some may prefer a large garden space or swimming pool depending on their lifestyle. Today there are numerous residential buying options in the market such as beautiful villas, gated communities, independent houses, apartments and the list is endless. Tastes have changed and the contemporary […]

Avoid these mistakes while Buying Land

Mistakes to Avoid while Buying Land in Chennai

Introduction Buying land in India across all age groups is a huge dream for anyone. The business of real estate in India is a big dream for everyone, which requires immense research and patience to ensure savings can be planned towards such an investment. However, since the real estate market in India is not organized, one also needs to exercise […]

House Hunting Tips

Tips to Make your Long Distance House Hunt a Success

Introduction Moving across countries or within a country can happen for a variety of reasons such as employment opportunities, better lifestyle, or as a result of family based decisions based on a variety of factors. Nevertheless, the whole idea of moving houses to a completely new place across regions or countries can be an emotionally and physically daunting task. The […]

Why should you invest in Oragadam

Why Should you Invest in Oragadam?

Introduction The business of real estate is a huge competitive market. For decades, the idea of owning a property is a dream in every household. With the advent of rapid industrialization and urbanization, the returns on investment in real estate have more than tripled. Investing in real estate is driven by a number of factors such as location such as […]

Security in Gated Communities

What are the Benefits of Living in a Gated Community?

Introduction As an investor either looking to invest for the first time or if you are looking to add more to your current portfolio, you will most likely do a thorough research to identify potential real estate investments that meets your criteria such as location, access to basic amenities such as safety, security, school, transportation, provisions and similar requirements to […]

Best Places to invest in Chennai

Best Places to Invest in Chennai

Introduction The business of real estate, the investment and sale of both commercial and personal property is one of the booming industries in India. The returns are very lucrative due to the high volume of investment from the middle class section of India where real estate was once difficult to consider. Today, with both parents working supported by banking loans, […]