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The requirements to buy agricultural land in India

It is important to know the laws for acquiring agricultural land in India. It varies from state to state and in some states like Karnataka only farmers are entitled to buy agricultural land and in some states like Tamil Nadu, anyone can buy. All over India, NRIs, POI, and foreign citizens can’t purchase agricultural land/plantation property/farmhouses. They can, however, inherit. […]

Real Estate Agents and Marketing

Under Construction or Ready to move property: What to choose?

Introduction Home buyers are often at cross-roads when it comes to choosing the type of house they should invest in-under construction or ready to move property? Both types of housing serve different goals, and bring their set of advantages and challenges to consider. So it is imperative to thoroughly evaluate the both options in-depth before making the final decision. What […]

Buying a property

How to buy a home that delivers long-term ROI?

Introduction In India, investing in real estate is an age-old tradition of wealth creation. Today, with higher purchasing power, working couples, and higher cost of living, the need to build a vast asset that covers educational expenses, college, and other expenses is much more. The biggest and overriding need for a couple or an individual is owning a property or […]

Real Estate in Chennai

What makes Urapakkam an Investment Hub in Chennai?

Introduction Among the metros in India, Chennai is one of the popular and sought out destinations in the real estate sector. This city with its rich, cultural heritage and history also ranks high in terms of the transportation network, safety for women, and the overall lifestyle. So it is no wonder that the city has been in the spotlight for […]

real estate investment

Mistakes to avoid while investing in Commercial Real Estate

Introduction Real estate investment is one of the biggest investment decisions that almost every family and individual takes a keen interest in. In India, investing in the metros is like a gold mine, of which Chennai is one of the hottest real estate market because of its infrastructure, medical facilities, transportation network like the metros including its rich cultural history. […]

Real Estate Investment in Chennai outskirts

Is Chengalpet the next realty hotspot?

Introduction Real estate projects are dime a dozen in the market. Affordable housing has been a major theme in the industry with an effort to tap into larger sections of society. The real estate projects and their value also differ across metros depending on a host of factors. Moreover, the economic and political factors also play affect demand and supply. […]