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Simple steps to build your luxury dream home in south Chennai

Simple steps to build your luxury dream home in south Chennai

Chennai city is the fourth largest city in India and the cultural capital of the country. Given the huge size, Chennai city is divided into 4 major zones. They are

1. North zone

2. South zone

3. East zone and

4. West zone

Of particular interest are the south and south eastern parts, especially the fast rising areas of Guduvanchery (also called Guduvancheri or Kuduvancheri), Maraimalai Nagar, Oragadam and Urapakkam. Once filled with farmlands, they are now fast turning out to be hubs of commercial and residential development. Imagine being able to build your own independent house in Guduvanchey or an independent house in Maraimalai Nagar.

All of us love the concept of an independent home. It gives us unmatched privacy and we can create our own gardens or anything similar. Further, the built up area is usually more and we can customize the design as per our needs and requirements.

So what are the steps that need to be taken to build a luxury dream home? They are listed below

1. Plan your budget

Your budget is very important. Do you already have a piece of land on which to construct your house or do you have to purchase that also? What is the price of construction materials and construction? Consult with your friends, architects and professionals and research on the market trends. Also decide on the loan component and check your eligibility with regard to loans and other areas.

If you want to buy a plot, we have already given some tips in our earlier blog Reasons Why Buying a Plot is a Great Idea.

2. What are your needs?

List your aspirations and this will help create a rough figure on how much finance will be required. Obviously, constructing a home with a swimming pool will cost more than a home without it! Consult with your family members and take all inputs. This will help get greater buy in on the design and also set right any expectations. If you want plots on Guduvanchgery , an independent villa in Maraimalai Nagar or some help constructing your home, you can always get in touch with Wisdom properties.

3. Define the team

The architect, builder and mason are some of the most critical members you will interact with in the course of constructing your home. You need a very skilled and competent team and all of them must work together. Make detailed enquires, look through past projects and work experience. Ensure that when you make your choice, you have proper agreements in place and that you will only release money after completion in periodic intervals.

4. Create the design and plan

This is the fun part. Work together with the above team to create a good home design. Also consult with appropriate experts like vastu who will ensure that there is a positive energy and vibrance in your home. Plan all the steps meticulously and hedge yourself against variations in material costs to stay within budget.

5. Arrange for temporary permits

Once the plan is finalized, construction can begin. However, you will need to arrange for temporary permits like electricity etc. Mostly, this is taken care of by the contractor/builder to whom you give the contract. However, if you are going to take on this activity, it needs to be completed with precise planning. There are different types of contracts available. However, a time and material contract will be most suitable given the flux associated with the real-estate sector and to have better control over the entire process.

Go on to start building your home and achieve your dreams!

About Wisdom Properties

Wisdom Properties is an organization of experienced professionals and is presently managed by Mr.Mohan and Mr.Magesh, who are veterans in the real estate sector in Chennai. They have given wings to the aspirations of many and even NRI customers have greatly benefited from their advice and extended helping hand in purchasing a plot. All the properties sold by Wisdom are clear in title and many leading financial organizations also offer loan facilities because of their excellent reputation.

If you are looking for DTCP approved Plots in Guduvanchery, plots for sale in Oragadam, gated community villa plots in Chennai or Independent house for sale in Maraimalai Nagar, farm lands, commercial spaces or anything else, get in touch with us.

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