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Why location is important while buying a home?

Every one of us has many factors that would rule the decision when we wish to buy a house. One of the primary and most crucial concerns would be “LOCATION”. The location, foremost, affects your quality of life and the resale value of the property.

In this article, we look into the most important factors that will help you decide the location of your new home!


Amenities / Facilities that meet your requirement:

When choosing a home one should ensure that there is easy access to hospitals, grocery stores, shopping malls, entertainment centers, commute modes, and time is taken to commute to your place of work, quality of education/schools for your children, etc. You may rank these requirements in order of priority so that you have ease in making that decision.

Neighborhood and it’s quality:

This should rank high in your list of priorities! Check out the crime rate in the locality since your safety and the safety of your family should be your primary concern. The level of peace and privacy that one can get will depend to a great extent on the neighborhood. Rural areas would generally not be suitable for the upper-middle class and also make sure that the buildings in the neighborhood are well-maintained and not wearing a run-down look. The community and the street where you reside are crucial for your well-being and they should be free of clutter and debris. Noise levels due to airports, railway tracks, as well as proximity to highways, should also be considered before making a decision.

Safety Requirements:

Safety today as you will all agree is one of the primary concerns for any homeowner. Ensure that the house or apartment that you buy has security personnel and CCTV surveillance as these are today the basic requirements.

 Demand and value of the Property:

Take into consideration the value of the property. Do you expect the place and the locality to appreciate in value?

There has to be a future appreciation in price since at a later date you may wish to sell your property and re-locate. You may have any number of reasons for this move and hence it’s best to be prepared for such an eventuality and your desire to sell the property. Checking out if there is any development work planned in the area currently or in the future would be useful. A development such as betterment of the roadways or inclusion of business of commercial centers in the area or neighborhood may prove to be an advantage as the property prices would then increase exponentially!

 Water and Power Supply:

This is a crucial factor to be considered. Many areas would not have proper water and electricity connectivity and will be subjected to frequent power and water shortages; one has to do a complete study while looking for a house to purchase. Have a friendly chat with the people in the locality to find out if they are enjoying a constant and adequate supply of water and if there are any power cuts in the locality. Clean water and uninterrupted power supply are a must for any house.

Choose a home that fits your budget while ensuring that you take into consideration all these crucial factors. All the best to you for finding your dream home!

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