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Wisdom Making Your Dreams Come True!

Will company arrange for site-inspection?

Company will arrange for a free site-inspection at your convenience.

What is the fee structure for registration of a property?

The registration fee include 10% for the stamp papers of the property value, 1% for registration fee, and other applicable charges, if any.

Who will bear the registration expenses?

The purchaser has to bear the registration expenses.

Is there any housing finance scheme available for purchasing the plot?

Yes. Wisdom Properties has tie-up with HDFC, who could arrange finance for purchasing plots as well as housing loans.

How long will it take to get my documents after registration?

It will take minimum 15 working days to get the documents.

Can I register the property in my minor children's name?

Yes, you can register the property in minor children's name.

Who will maintain the roads and common areas after the completion of the projects?

Common areas and roads developed by Wisdom Properties will be handed over to the local Panchayat for maintenance.

"If I want to resell the plot, will the company assist me?"

Yes. Wisdom Properties will assist if anyone wants to resell their plot that is purchased through the Company.


Can an NRI purchase residential plots in India?

Yes, an NRI can purchase residential plots in India.

How can I register my property in my name if I live abroad?

Yes, you can register the property in your name by giving power of attorney to your friend or relative who is living in India.