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6 areas in Chennai where NRIs can invest in real estate

Real Estate Investments

6 areas in Chennai where NRIs can invest in real estate

Chennai's real estate has great potential for NRI investors. The city's economy is growing at an unprecedented rate, which is just one of many factors that contribute to this. In Chennai as well, significant investments are being made in many other areas. The expansion of the IT sector in particular has been one of the primary factors in the city's growth and the development of its outlying areas. Many MNCs have built headquarters outside of the city, which has raised demand for services and lodging in those areas and led to the development of thousands of new jobs. As a result, plots in Chennai are currently more in demand. These are a few reasons why NRIs could consider investing in Chennai's outskirts.

For NRI investors, it is straightforward to identify plots for sale in Chennai, and their prices will rise sharply over time. Because an NRI investor won't be relocating to Chennai anytime soon, one can easily construct a home there and make rental income. The following list includes the top six Chennai neighbourhoods for NRI investors.


Unquestionably, OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) is among the top areas for real estate investment in chennai. The presence of multiple MNCs in OMR has caused it to develop into an IT corridor. Sholinganallur, because of its importance as a crossroads, attracts the most real estate investors despite the high investment value of the entire OMR route. Due to Sholinganallur's great connectivity, close proximity to the city, and presence of significant offices, a residential site there might provide a sizable profit. Finding tenants won't be a problem if one decides to build a home.


One of Chennai's older neighbourhoods is Tambaram. However, the growth of the IT sector has given this area fresh life. Because Tambaram has been integrated into the city for a very long time, its infrastructure is far superior to that of the rest of Chennai's expanding suburbs. One of Tambaram's most well-connected locations for investing all southbound trains connecting Chennai with other parts of Tamil Nadu stop here. The station is a key intersection for the suburban trains that connect Chennai's many neighbourhoods. Any land purchased in Tambaram is additionally enhanced by the SEZs and IT Parks. In Chennai, you can easily locate a gated community land for sale that meets your needs and price range by doing a little research.


The GST Road area of Guduvanchery is one of the most sought-after investment locations in Chennai. Because of the development of IT companies, IT parks, and industries, the GST is changing swiftly. All of this is attracting substantial investments and resulting in the creation of thousands of new employment in the area. This has led to Guduvanchery becoming one of the best localities in Chennai to find plots for sale. The area is home to many notable educational institutions, including the Crescent College of Technology and the SRM group of universities, in addition to the offices of large MNCs. Once more, it would be simple to find renters if one wanted to build a house here and rent it out.


Between Chennai's city and the IT corridor, in a prime position, is a bustling neighbourhood known as Velachery. Velachery is attracting a lot of interest as a real estate destination due to its proximity to numerous IT and ITES industries and connectivity to the OMR. Velachery has become a part of Chennai and is sometimes referred to be a suburb. Despite their quick appreciation, Velachery's real estate expenses are nevertheless similar to those in other places. Velachery has grown considerably in recent years. Due to the recent opening of new shops, schools, and offices, the neighbourhood has evolved into an upscale neighbourhood. Investing in vexatious activities has the potential to yield large returns.


Sriperumbudur is one of Chennai's fastest-growing neighbourhoods as a result of the abundance of new manufacturing facilities in this region. Another factor encouraging expansion in this significant investment hub is the proximity of Sriperumbudur to Oragadam. Due to the presence of several SEZs in Sriperumbudur, the number of work prospects has greatly expanded. The demand for residential plots has grown as a result of a sizable section of the population moving to this Chennai neighbourhood. An outstanding investment, one whose value will rise over the course of the year, can be made by purchasing a plot here.


After separating from the district of Kanchipuram, Chengalpet or Chengalpattu also developed a wide range of investment opportunities. Numerous corporate behemoths have expanded their presence in the area south of the state capital to create numerous job opportunities.

Sri Sathya Sai Nagar is conveniently located next to the main route that connects Padalam in the GST road and Cheyyur in the ECR. It has a well-developed layout with Taar roads. Since this road connects two significant new suburbs, the area has excellent growth and land value potential. Our layout is completely secure and has lovely parks, avenue trees, etc. that make it simple for youngsters to play in and enjoy themselves. KNOW MORE


For NRIs looking to invest in Indian real estate, now is the moment to do so. Due to India's strong economic expansion, investments will rise quickly in the future years. Chennai is one of the metropolises that has largely escaped the notice of NRI investors, making residential site purchases there a really smart investment.

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