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Advantages of living in an Individual villa

Every potential home owner who is saving up to invest in a property of their own has an idea of how their dream house would look like. A sprawling villa with plenty of space, wonderful interiors, a lounge, swimming pool- in fact, villas are one of the most aspirational forms of properties that people want to invest in.

Real estate developers have understood this vision of buyers as several individual villas are up for sale in Chennai.

What would be the advantage of investing in villas under 50 lakhs in the city? Let’s take a look.

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The benefits Independent House

1.Own Your Own home

 Owning your own house is a wonderful privilege. It is your personal space and a wonderful investment opportunity to secure your future. A villa offers magnificent space for you to customise your home. In the current pandemic, health, hygiene and privacy has become a major priority in households. Having your own space gives you a protective environment that can ensure safety and security for your loved ones. Several townships in the Maraimalai Nagar area have set up villas that provide a safe environment for its residents.

2.A status symbol

Living in your own villa brings its own advantages. No shared walls, your own garden, a great view, your private garage; a lot of these features are not available in regular houses.  Every home is a home owner’s reflection of a life they lead. Villas to a certain extent are a symbol of luxury, sophistication and an exclusive lifestyle.

3.A well suited neighbourhood 

Opting for a villa in a planned neighbourhood or a township will ensure that you and your family enjoy a safe environment. The collective commonalities of living together in a neighbourhood will help you build relationships with fellow residents and provide children the ample space and amenities to enjoy their free time.


This goes without saying, but villas and planned neighbourhoods have abundant amenities that are important in maintaining a good standard of living. From 24/7 water supply, security and maintenance to gymnasium and play area, you can enjoy comfort and luxury in your own space.

5.Landscape and nature

Villas place emphasis on their neighbourhood and location and for good reason. In the picturesque mountainside of South Chennai, especially Maraimalai Nagar and Guduvanchery, you will find beautiful villas that overlook massive lakes and hills. Imagine waking up to such a view in the morning! A hidden advantage of such neighbourhoods is that they are inevitably eco-friendly. Land developers ensure that the surrounding areas of your villa are filled with vegetation and greenery, which gives the feeling of freshness and comfort. Living in an environment like that elevates your mental health and happiness. 

6.Freedom to design

Owning your own villa comes with a great number of perks, but the most important one is the freedom of personal style. Living in apartments or rented places often limits your ability to redecorate; house owners might object or neighbours might have problems with the noise. But in your own villa, you have the freedom to re-decorate and change your interiors on your whim!

As time flies, you might need to make changes to your home to suit the needs of your growing family. Well, that experience becomes hassle free and non-problematic when you live in a luxurious villa. The freedom of choice in your personal space is one of the biggest advantages of living in a villa. Many land developers in the Kelambakkam and Guduvanchery area offer the choice of customization to their customers. A massive plus point indeed!

7.Safety and Security

In the current environment, safety has become a major concern for urban families. Developers have kept this in mind when building their upcoming projects. Along with round-the-clock security and maintenance, they also ensure that society staff are available to tend to the needs of the house owners. In the current situation, safety from diseases and infections has taken top priority as well. In such cases, living in a sub-urban villa of your own will provide more than adequate protection against such concerns. 

8.Pet Friendly

Pets love the great outdoors. The confines of an urban apartment often takes a toll on their mental health, and increases their restlessness. When living in your own villa, pets have an abundant outdoor space that is free of heavy car traffic. The villas provide a safer and more wholesome place for them to thrive.

9.Private terrace

Having your own private terrace is a rare luxury for the urban family. Most building societies restrict usage of their terraces, limiting your access to the open space. In your villa, you will have free access to your terrace, making it a perfect destination for birthday parties, setting up barbecues, inviting your family and friends and altogether, for a good time. The open air is no longer restricted!

Owning your own villa is no longer a pipedream for many families in Chennai. A lot of upcoming projects along the GST road, especially in the Guduvanchery- Maraimalai Nagar belt have built independent villas under 50 lakhs. This kind of sub-urban luxury is not only a great investment for your future, but is also a wonderful place to live in!

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