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A tangle of infrastructure, culture and the market – Magnificent prospects

Usually cities are much beautiful as it is built slowly and this is what the best infrastructure that keeps the city engaged. This will bring a good economy and hence as this generates employment; it acts as the backbone of modern city.

Even though there are some good infrastructures in place, according to the development of the city, as days pass by, there are some infrastructure initiatives taken by the government. The prominent plot developers company in Chennai as Wisdom properties has helped people and its culture to stay in the top quality and in the best location.

Infrastructure projects in Chennai

Infrastructure projects in Chennai

What are we upto?

Wisdom properties will be the best match for any plot seekers and you can strike a deal with us with best quality and approved accommodations.

SIPCOT Aerospace Park

The government of Tamilnadu has established the TIDCO in past times and in the year of 2018, in Oragadam of Chennai city; there are plans to rise up the SIPCOT aerospace park. This development includes more of the manufacturing facilities and some technology and IT services. Wisdom properties with lay the foundation to improve the infrastructure in that region with the plot in Oragadam and the investment plot in Oragadam. This project is built in such a way that it can be expandable in the future.

Road projects

There are some popular on-going infrastructure projects in Chennai in 2022 and numerous on-going IT parks and from the TNIDB the Chennai Corporation develops the most significant constructions for the future. 

For the government, road infrastructure will be the top priority. There are some road expansions and flyover projects that are being planned over by the government and this also includes the plots in Oragadam including the investment plots in Oragadam.

Wisdom properties will bring you the best process and we execute what we design and ideate. For the infrastructure upgrade, the government allocates about 500 crores and more than 5 projects are planned for the same.

Connecting the city through Chennai metro rail

Since there are more traffic volumes in the city and in order to avoid this traffic to an extent, the world-class metro rail services are covered up in Chennai. The Chennai metropolitan development authority (CDMA) is planning to make constructions around the outskirts of the city and more projects are yet to go on in those places.

By 2025, it is expected to start the second phase of this metro rail network project and it will be completed as soon as possible. You can enjoy the services after the completion of this project.

Infrastructure of Urban

There are some upgradation plans being carried out by the government in order to fill the infrastructure gaps in many places. These plans will include the strengthening of state and national highways, revamping the water bodies, street infrastructure along with the municipality and town roads.You can now build your dream home now and invest in an exciting property using the Wisdom properties in Chennai. We have plots in Guduvanchery which are the residential plots in Guduvanchery as well.

Building of wholesale market infrastructure

The wholesale market building will be the people’s complete purchasing destination and especially to the people who are in need of the entire wholesale trade market in one place. This will actually turn out to be the largest trading hub in the city. People are in need of this kind of places to perform trading and this will help many diverse variants to solve the trading ports and meet other traders as well. Ultimately, they can develop connections for their businesses.

Hyper scale data base

Controlling the data of every human in the world? Yes! The hyper scale database (HDC) is trying to bring a huge impact among the people by controlling the data around such as the Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook and many more. There is a total server in the datacentre that defines the hyper scale database and the data hubs in the nation.

Imparting all these new features into the infrastructure, the Chennai Corporation will become the nations’ largest information technology hub!

IT infrastructure

The development of the information technology is actually much needed and the Chennai Corporation has planned to achieve the same. This infrastructure is planned in such a way that the traffic movements are spread across the equal areas and it is developed in the northern suburb of the city.

Kilambakam bus terminal

One of the expected infrastructure projects to be completed in Chennai!

Wisdom properties cover and develop projects mostly in the southern regions of Chennai and for the plot seekers in GST road, we can provide them the plots in GST road as expected and authorized as well. Our best plots in Guduvanchery and the investment plots in Guduvanchery will be the best fit for most of the plot seekers. 

In the southern areas of Chennai, the Chennai Corporation plans to develop the Kilambakam bus terminal on the grand trunk road or in the Chennai –Trichy highway. This is planned ultimately to handle the buses running mostly in the southern regions of Chennai. Wisdom properties have been into this picture with more successful completed projects and we provide the affordable plots in Oragadam that are the investment plots in Oragadam and with our leading services with professionalism we provide plots in Guduvanchery with the residential plots in Guduvanchery.

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