Reasons Why Your Home isn’t Selling


You are waiting for that one big cracker deal for your home that you have put up on the market. There have been innumerable showings and open houses to get the prospective buyer’s attention, and yet there is no sign of any positive reactions even after so many visits. This is bound to be frustrating when you have been trying so hard to sell your property

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Have you wondered why your house is not selling when you seem to be doing everything right? Atleast, that is what you think; but there may be a number of reasons why your home is not selling inspite of trying every trick in the book to market it.

Reasons why your home isn’t selling

If you are doing the marketing by yourself, then you may not be aware of a lot of pitfalls or the various ways in which you could be advertising your home and also find better ways to get it to sell, unless of course you have enough experience to do the selling yourself. Even inspite of an agent doing the selling for you, if your home still does not sell, that may leave you wondering even more.

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There are numerous agents available in the market. So there may be agents who may charge a premium, but have a better track record than an agent who possibly charges moderately, but has a lower number of sales to show.The professionals understand the market, the buyer’s psyche, and have a well-rounded network of similar professionals who keep them constantly updated of the developments in every area. So who you choose out of the pool also makes a difference.

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Next, how did you arrive at the pricing? This is always a deal breaker between the buyer and seller. The buyers will be sure to look up the surrounding area and housing prices before they open a conversation with you. If your pricing is higher than the average, then you should be able to back it up with solid reasons that similar homes do not offer such as enhancements around the house. So a good place to start is to revisit your pricing before introducing your property on the market again.

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Another consideration is the timing of the sale. Right time, right place, great buy is a mantra to consider. It is a smart choice to put up a sale during the spring or summer months when people are most likely to go house-hunting since it is easier to move around and transport your belongings during that time. There may still be people who may want to look for properties in any season, but the ratio is comparatively less.

The adage, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” is absolutely significant as a great marketing tool. The first verification everyone does today is to do a quick check online for the initial screening. So the pictures of your house have to be high resolution, taken in different parts of the house, and showcases it as best as possible.

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