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Advantages of Investing in Residential Plots

As people start building their earning capacity, the next question that comes into their minds is how to grow their financial gains. Discovering promising investment opportunities is a cornerstone for building wealth. 

Investing in plots in Chennai is a wonderful means of growing and protecting your wealth. Apart from the financial benefit of real estate, there are several other compelling reasons why residential plot investment will be beneficial for you.

Advantages of Investing in Residential Plots.

Appreciative asset:

Purchasing residential plots is highly beneficial when it comes to its appreciating value of the land. If you invest your money in purchasing a plot today, you will be able to receive a bigger payoff for the same land 5 years down the land. Land is an appreciating asset and always has a higher value with time. The surrounding environment, land quality, and other factors such as upcoming facilities in the region all impact the value of the land.

Buy based on your budget:

 Investment does not always have to be above your financial means. You can purchase an affordable plot in an up and coming area and sit back and relax as the prices trend upward over the years!

Easy access to information:

Residential plots are one of the most commonly listed properties in the market. As urbanization increased in metropolitan and Tier 2 and 3 cities, the demand for housing and residential plots has sky rocketed. With minimal research, you can easily find affordable and attractive plots for investment.

Take the first step in building your dream house:

People have a lot of ideas for their homes, but those do not often coincide with the architect’s vision.  It’s difficult to put those concepts into action in a home. In a house that’s already been constructed, it can be hard to bring any significant changes other than small renovations. Investing in residential plots gives you the bandwidth to construct the house of your dreams with ease. Instead of buying a built house, take your time to customise it based on your needs.

Immediate investment:

 If you are looking to buy a house, you might have to wait for the completion of the construction or the completion of your interiors. In case of land investments, it’s immediate and needs no waiting. You simply purchase the land. In today’s fast moving world, these kind of non-complicated investments are important to balance out the multiple options in financial investments.

Low maintenance:

Unlike a house, residential plots are easy to maintain pieces of land that needs minimum upkeep. Bi-annual site visits and maintenance is enough to keep the land in good condition.

Low property tax:

Property tax is something that every individual, in possession of a plot or house, has to account for. But there is a significant difference between the amount that must be paid for a house and what is to be paid for land.The latter has a lower cost to pay than the former. Investing in residential plots not only saves you on property taxes, its appreciating value also pays off in the longer run.

Less competition:

 Unlike a house that is on the market, a residential plot does not face competition to keep its price attractive for potential buyers. The owner has the ability to set a price and negotiate with individual prospects, based on their buying interest and purchase power.  This makes it highly advantageous as an investment.


Resources are limited:

As land is a finite resources, the upward demand trend for residential plots have pushed market prices to the higher side. As demand continues to sky-rocket, the future prices of lands look promising. A good example of such an issue can be seen in the ECR. Those who invested in residential plots in the area 20 years ago now own a goldmine of real estate as software companies and land development projects have elevated the status symbol of owning a house in the ECR. Similarly, houses along the GST road have a potential to reach record prices in the coming years.

Transparency in purchase:

The transaction when it comes to purchasing and sale of residential lands is a very transparent process. The market values, prices and commercial value of the plots are visible and can be sought after any time the buyer prefers. This is not the case for other real estate investments, which often come together with additional charges in the mark-up.

Investing in residential properties can yield countless benefits for you down the line. In the era of higher standard of living and inflation, placing a safe bet on your investments is a good strategy to adopt. Residential plots in Chennai are gaining popularity due to their promising yields. If you are looking to make a bankable investment in real estate, check out Wisdom Properties.

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