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Killambakkam Bus Terminus Will Boost South Chennai Real Estate In Tamil Nadu

Kilambakkam Bus Terminus Will Boost South Chennai Real Estate In Tamil Nadu

Killambakkam (or Kilambakkam/Kelambakkam) is a vibrant suburb in Chennai and a home to leading companies, educational and healthcare institutions and entertainment spots. The latest development in the area is the Killambakkam bus terminus and this is expected to give an exponential increase to any real estate in that area.

The Killambakkam Bus Terminus : Latest Update, News and Plan of the Bus Terminus

The Killambakkam bus terminus once complete will be the largest bus terminus in Asia, spread over more than 85 acres. It is being constructed at a rapid pace and is expected to be operational by mid or end of 2023. Over 390 crore rupees is being invested in this project. This is the most recent Killambakkam bus terminus update.

It will be an integrated bus terminus that will not only house buses that ply to different parts of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Kanyakumari etc, but also have space for local city buses (MTC buses) and omni buses. Killambakkam bus terminus news is closely watched by all stakeholders given the huge positive impact and the Killambakkam bus terminus Plan is also closely monitored by the government and the appointed consultants to ensure proper completion.

Where is it located?

The Killambakkam bus terminus location is in Killambakkam, between Vandalur and Guduvanchery on the GST road.

How Killambakkam Bus Terminus Impact on South Chennai Real Estate In Tamil Nadu?

The construction and inauguration of the bus terminus is expected to have a huge impact on the south Chennai real estate market. As the best real estate company in Chennai offering gated community plots in Guduvanchery, Villas in Maraimalai Nagar and DTCP approved plots in Oragadam, Wisdom Properties supports the above fact with the below points.

1. Connectivity

For any place, connectivity is important to ensure ease of travel and living. With the upcoming bus terminus, the key challenge of connectivity will be solved and not only Killambakkam, but all neighbouring areas like Vandalur, OMR, Guduvanchery etc will benefit. This increased connectivity will make the surrounding areas more accessible, which is likely to attract more people and businesses to the area.

Since many educational institutions and companies are already present in this belt, this bus terminus will give a positive flip to the real estate market.

2. Increased Demand

Already the home to some of the best institutions and companies, the increased connectivity will have a cascading effect. Thus, there will be an increase in the demand for properties in the surrounding areas. This increase in demand will result in an increase in real estate prices.

3. New Opportunities

Killambakkam is already a well-established suburb and the increased connectivity and demand will mean that residential and commercial real estate development will happen. The land value will also increase.

4. Improved Associated Infrastructure

Given the development of new residential and commercial projects, there will be increased focus in this area and this is likely to lead to the development of associated infrastructure like Metro water, sewage, new roads etc.

Overall, the Kelambakkam bus terminus is likely to have a positive impact on the real estate market both in Killambakkam and in the surrounding areas. It is likely to attract new buyers and investors to the area, which is likely to result in an increase in real estate prices. It will also reduce the load on the bus terminus in Koyambedu and thus ease the traffic situation in Chennai.

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