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The word Oragadam is now a familiar reference in Chennai’s real estate world. Located almost 57 kilometres away from Chennai, Oragadam has over time gained popularity as South Asia’s largest automobile hub. The Oragadam SIPCOT Industrial park has generated over three lakh jobs as a result, contributing vastly to the country’s economy. With its strategic location, Oragadam has naturally transformed its status to a much wanted real estate investment sector. Its former image as an inaccessible suburb is no longer an obstacle. In fact, it has turned around the other way round with...

Oragadam: Chennai’s new flavour

There are a number of factors that make Oragadam a developing suburb in Chennai. This includes major landmarks, socio-economic infrastructure facilities, future development projections, and connectivity to other important hubs.

With the generation of employment opportunities and a demand for housing, there has been a flurry of construction activities for different age groups in this suburb. Not just property development, but also other social infrastructure development was on the rise in Oragadam such as educational institutions and hospitals, which was yet another positive outcome of Oragadam’s growing popularity beyond an industrial hub. State Bank of India, Cooperation Bank, and Bank of Baroda are some of the well-established banking institutions in the area. Further, its proximity to...

Its connectivity to the Chennai airport, port, and railway station is yet another important aspect to consider since transportation to such time bound places is a tipping factor. Potheri railway station is located 40 kilometres away. In addition, there is also plenty of local transportation such as autos and metro buses are available that make commuting less cumbersome. At the same time, a challenge to contend with is Oragadam’s distance from the city’s centre, which comes to almost an hour should you want to travel into the city.

However, it is of value to know that the government has pumped in over 300 crores to build the Oragadam Industrial Corridor road. There are over 22 fortune 500 companies in this suburb. It is home to All this promotes a future industrial growth at a rapid pace alongside the development of other projects. For all these reasons, there is no doubt Oragadam is poised for growth and will remain a hot property for investors.

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