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Why is Guduvanchery a Preferred Destination for Most People from Chennai City?

Why is Guduvanchery a Preferred Destination for Most People from Chennai City

Guduvanchery located on the outskirts of is a hot and upcoming location that has shown great promise in development. Located in the southern part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, it is situated at a distance of around 35 kilometers from the city centre and is located on the Grand Southern Trunk Road (GST Road). The GST Road is an arterial highway that connects Chennai with other major cities like Trichy and Madurai and thus the prime location on the GST road, which also passes through the airport cannot be stressed!

Guduvanchery was traditionally agricultural. But with the explosion of the growth in Chennai city and the growth of the IT sector and the development of several new industries, Guduvanchery has emerged as a major residential and commercial hub in recent years. Be it rail or road, Guduvanchery is well-connected.

Prime Plots in Sri Sainathapuram by Wisdom Properties: A Strategic Investment Opportunity near Guduvanchery

Wisdom Properties proudly presents prime plots for sale in Guduvanchery -, strategically located in close proximity to Guduvanchery-Thiruporur Road, specifically along Nellikuppam Road in Kalvoy village. The significance of this location is underscored by its direct connection to two major roads in Chennai, namely the GST Road and OMR, promising substantial development and high land appreciation potential.

Sri Sainathapuram offers a unique opportunity for real estate investment, capitalizing on its advantageous location just 500 meters from Nellikuppam Road and in the vicinity of Kalvoy Guduvanchery. This strategic placement ensures easy accessibility and connectivity to key areas, enhancing the overall appeal for prospective buyers.

Prime Plots in Sri Sainathapuram by Wisdom Properties

Emphasizing its commitment to providing an enriched living experience, Sri Sainathapuram comes replete with a plethora of amenities. The thoughtfully curated amenities contribute to the overall quality of life, making this residential enclave an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of convenience and comfort.

With Wisdom Properties at the helm, Sri Sainathapuram stands as a testament to prime real estate opportunities, offering not just plots but a promise of a thriving and well-connected lifestyle. As the region continues to witness development, investing in these prime plots near Guduvanchery ensures a wise and forward-looking choice for those considering a valuable addition to their real estate portfolio.

Guduvanchery's Economic Outlook: Expected Growth in Industries And Business in Guduvanchery

  1. TIDCO has chosen 250 acres of land in Potheri and an additional 100 acres near DLF in Chennai for their upcoming Financial Tech City project, structured in a "Hub and Spoke" model.
  2. The Financial Tech City, employing a hub and spoke framework, is poised to host international banks and stock exchange centers, becoming a focal point for significant financial activities.
  3. A substantial volume of business transactions is expected to occur regularly within the Financial Tech City, enhancing its role as a dynamic financial hub.
  4. Potheri, situated in Kattupakkam, Kanchipuram district, is strategically positioned to positively impact nearby areas Guduvanchery due to the proposed project.
  5. Anticipated to generate employment opportunities, the Financial Tech City project is estimated to create jobs for approximately 25,000 to 30,000 individuals, contributing to economic growth in the region.
  6. The regions of Maraimalai Nagar and Guduvanchery are poised for significant development and prosperity as a result of the Financial Tech City project, bringing about a transformative and positive impact on these areas.

Growth and Expansion in Real Estate Ventures

  1. Plots are available in various sizes, diverse areas, and multiple locations, with a predominant focus on residential rather than commercial purposes.
  2. The population residing in Guduvanchery and its neighboring areas has harbored a longstanding aspiration to acquire plots within their budget.
  3. The affordability factor has motivated the middle-class demographic to actively engage in the purchase of plots in Chennai, leading to increased demand.
  4. Recognizing the prevailing sentiments, real estate professionals are astutely seizing opportunities, resulting in a noticeable uptick in individuals entering the real estate business.

Some of the main reasons why Guduvanchery is now becoming a preferred destination for most people from Chennai city are listed below.

1. Physical infrastructure in Guduvanchery

Guduvanchery is strategically positioned with excellent connectivity to key areas in Chennai, facilitated by the GST Road. This arterial road seamlessly links Guduvanchery to prominent localities like Tambaram and Porur, providing residents with convenient access to various parts of the city. For air travel, the Chennai International Airport is conveniently located just 20 kilometers away from Guduvanchery. Accessible via both the GST Road and Chennai-Trichy Highway, the airport is easily reachable, ensuring hassle-free connectivity for residents.

Moreover, the locality is well-connected to other significant areas through the Kelambakkam-Vandalur Road, which is a mere 5 kilometers from Guduvanchery. This road serves as a crucial link to the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), enhancing connectivity to key business and IT hubs in the city.

In terms of transportation infrastructure, Guduvanchery is served by its own railway station, seamlessly integrated into the Chennai suburban rail network. Located parallel to the Chennai-Trichy Highway, the Guduvanchery Railway Station plays a pivotal role in connecting the locality not only to the airport but also to other major areas such as Guindy and T. Nagar. This railway connectivity adds a layer of convenience for residents, facilitating smooth and efficient travel within the city.

For those considering real estate investment, the strategic location of Guduvanchery, coupled with its robust transportation network, makes it an attractive option. The availability of plots in Guduvanchery further enhances its appeal, providing individuals with the opportunity to invest in residential or commercial properties in a well-connected and burgeoning locality.

2. Social & retail infra in Guduvanchery

Guduvanchery, despite its peripheral location in Chennai, has seen substantial development in social infrastructure. The area boasts the presence of renowned educational institutions, including Guduvanchery Boys Higher Secondary School, Saint Mary's Matriculation School, and SRM School of Hotel Management. Complementing the educational facilities are healthcare centers such as Christudas Hospital and K. R. Hospital, ensuring residents have access to essential services. Additionally, the vicinity is served by the Gold Souk Grande shopping complex, conveniently situated 20 minutes away, and features various retail shops along the GST Road, enhancing the overall convenience and lifestyle of the community.

For those considering real estate investment, the availability of plots in Guduvanchery presents a promising opportunity. The region's developed social infrastructure, encompassing educational and healthcare amenities, coupled with proximity to shopping complexes and retail hubs, adds significant value to the appeal of owning plots in this evolving locality. As the area continues to grow, investing in plots in Guduvanchery aligns with the emerging development and provides a potential avenue for long-term gains.

3. Nearby employment hubs in Guduvanchery

The GST Road corridor is home to significant employment hubs, notably within a half-hour radius of the locality. Among these, prominent IT Parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs), such as Mahindra World City SEZ and Gateway Office Parks, play a pivotal role in shaping the employment landscape. These establishments not only contribute to job creation but also enhance the overall economic vibrancy of the region. Additionally, the SIPCOT Industrial Park stands out as another major source of employment opportunities, further solidifying the area's reputation as a thriving center for economic activities.

The strategic positioning of these employment hubs along the GST Road not only underscores the accessibility for local residents but also positions the locality as an attractive destination for professionals seeking employment opportunities in the dynamic IT and industrial sectors. As a result, the region benefits from a robust economic ecosystem, fostering growth and development that extends beyond individual workplaces to contribute to the broader economic prosperity of the community.

4. Rapid development

Guduvanchery was included in the Chennai master plan of expansion in the 1980s and has thus been in the scheme of things for a very long time. However, with the emergence of IT parks, the OMR corridor and the industrial corridor of Oragadam, Guduvachery has emerged as a key area for development and investment. If you are looking for plots for sale in Guduvanchery or land for sale in Guduvanchery, Wisdom Properties has the best deals for you.

The real estate market in Guduvanchery has also witnessed a significant boom in recent years. The area has several residential and commercial projects under construction, catering to the growing demand for affordable housing and office spaces in the region. The locality has also seen a rise in the number of shopping malls, restaurants, and other entertainment options. Top companies in the areas are found in SEZs like the Mahindra IT Park, Oragadam industrial belt and so on.

5. Well-developed heath care facilities

Guduvanchery has well-developed health care infrastructure. The locality has several hospitals and clinics, including the SRM Hospital, which is one of the largest healthcare facilities in the area. For international tourists who visit for medical tourism and for many medical college students, the SRM Hospital and college is a boon.

6. Excellent educational institutions

Guduvanchery is also home to several prestigious educational institutions such as SRM University, Valliammai Engineering College, and SRM Institute of Science and Technology, which have contributed to the growth of the area. Most of the students are from different parts of India and this has led to the growth of not only hostels, but also eateries hotels and paying guest accommodations.

7. Affordable prices and calm atmosphere

Since Guduvanchery is an emerging suburb, prices of plots, independent houses or properties is still in the affordable range. Further, the cost of daily living and essentials is lesser compared to other areas in the city like say Anna Nagar or Kilpauk where things are sold at a premium and the cost if living is generally very high. Further, the presence of lot of nearby villages ensures that the produce like vegetables and milk is fresh.

Despite the rapid development, Guduvanchery is far from the hustle and bustle and has a very serene and peaceful atmosphere. Many ancient temples like the Nandiswaram temple and water bodies like the Nandivaram lake, Thaangal eari lake etc add positivity and give a peaceful atmosphere.

For purchasing DTCP approved Plots in Guduvanchery, Wisdom Properties, the best real estate company in Chennai is the company to get in touch with.

8. Water

Water is found in plenty and ground water is pure and sweet. Thus, unlike the main city of Chennai where there are water scarcity issues especially during the summer season. Such a thing never arises in Guduvanchery because it was all agricultural land before and has not yet been commercially exploited.

About Wisdom Properties

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Any property sold by Wisdom Properties is free from any sort of encumbrance, has clear title deeds and offers excellent appreciation. Thousands of people have benefited because of this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Guduvanchery Real Estate and Sri Sainathapuram Investment Opportunities

1. What makes Guduvanchery an attractive location for real estate investment?

Guduvanchery strategic location, excellent connectivity via GST Road, and proximity to key areas in Chennai contribute to its appeal for real estate investment.

2. Why consider Sri Sainathapuram by Wisdom Properties for plot investment?

Sri Sainathapuram's advantageous location, just 500 meters from Nellikuppam Road and in the vicinity of Kalvoy Guduvanchery, ensures easy accessibility and connectivity to key areas, making it a strategic investment opportunity.

3. What amenities does Sri Sainathapuram offer to enhance the living experience?

Sri Sainathapuram boasts a range of amenities thoughtfully curated to contribute to an enriched quality of life, providing a harmonious blend of convenience and comfort.

4. How does Guduvanchery economic outlook contribute to real estate growth?

Guduvanchery proximity to major employment hubs along the GST Road, including IT Parks/SEZs like Mahindra World City and Gateway Office Parks, positions it as a thriving center for economic activities, fostering real estate growth.

5. What educational and healthcare facilities are available in Guduvanchery?

Guduvanchery features renowned educational institutions such as SRM University and healthcare centers like SRM Hospital, contributing to the area's social infrastructure and making it an ideal location for families.

6. What transportation infrastructure does Guduvanchery have?

Guduvanchery is well-connected through GST Road, Chennai-Trichy Highway, and the Kelambakkam-Vandalur Road, with its own railway station facilitating seamless travel within the city and to key areas.

7. How does Guduvanchery cater to the daily needs of its residents?

The area offers a well-developed social infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and shopping complexes like Gold Souk Grande, ensuring residents have access to essential services and a convenient lifestyle.

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