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Buying a residential plot? Follow these Vastu tips

Buying a residential plot? Follow these Vastu tips

So you have decided to buy a residential plot and construct your own house. You are full of hope and have arranged for the requisite finances. Some of the tope areas to buy residential plots in Chennai are Guduvanchery, Oragadam and Maraimalai Nagar. If you are looking to purchase plots in these areas, Wisdon properties is a top real estate company in Chennai. We have also discussed in an earlier blog Reasons Why Buying a Plot is a Great Idea

So now that you have decided to go ahead, what are the Vastu ts to follow? For this, we need to understand what vastu is.

What is Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is the Indian science of building and architecture. It is an extensive science and is part of a broader text called Vastu Vidya, which deals with twon planning, architecture, home construction, creation of water bodies etc. It is not a single text per se, but has a variety of interpretations and authors. Primarily they deal with temple design and architecture. But the other areas like homes and town planning are also included, thereby making it a comprehensive guide. It should also be remembered that Vastu shatra is not a superstition or a farce, but a true Indian science. It gives ample freedom to both the architect and the bui8lder, but requires skilful application of wisdom.

Why Should One Consult Vastu Shastra?

We all want to lead a peaceful, healthy and harmonious life. In line with the Indian thought process of universal energy, vastu helps to ward off negative energies and establish harmony with the land. Whether it is a workplace, residence, home or even hospital, nowadays it has become the norm to design and define living and working spaces in line with Vastu shastra.

Some Tips to Buy Residential Plots based on Vastu Shastra

  • A perfect square or a rectangular shaped plot of land is lucky and auspicious.
  • Plots that are triangular in shape or diamond shaped should not be purchased
  • Any land that is facing a road on the west side will bring prosperity
  • Any plot facing roads in the north and east also bring luck and prosperity
  • If possible, purchase a land where the north eat half is a little elevated than the south west half. The north east half is the solar half and the south west half is the lunar half.
  • The shadow of a temple or public building should not loom over the house. The house must be at least 80- feet away from such spaces.
  • The plot that is selected must have goo vegetation cover and be fertile. This is to ensure that the house constructed and the residents therein have a prosperous life.
  • The entrance should be on the north side or the east side.
  • A valley around the plot or a big pit around the plot is considered inauspicious.
  • A land with rocks, thorns, bones etc is to be avoided.
  • There should be no garbage dump near the plot.
  • In the case of purchasing agricultural land, ensure that there are trees in the southern or western portion of the land. Otherwise, one needs to purchase tree samplings and plant them there.

The above are just some sample tips. Always consult with a good vastu expert for the best advise and to study and give a solution based on your unique requirements and needs. For any particular case, even though all requirements may not be satisfied, appropriate vastu remedies can be initiated and the case made amenable. Hence, there is nothing to worry and always the big picture needs to be seen in such cases.

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