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Discover the advantages of residing in a gated community with these 7 great benefits

Discover the advantages of residing in a gated community with these 7 great benefits

A gated community is a residential area with restricted access. Entry is strictly controlled and there is a strong wall around the perimeter of the same. Further, gated communities are well planned in layout with plenty of green cover and parks. The landscaping and maintenance is also private and so are the roads within the community. They follow a cohesive architectural design and have specific rules for residents and visitors.

Wisdom Properties is a leading real estate company in Chennai offering DTCP plots for sale in Guduvanchery, gated communities in Oragadam and villas for sale in Maraimalai Nagar. In our deep experience of being in the real estate business for over a decade,

some of the top advantages of residing in a gated community are:

1. Safety and security

Gated communities usually have controlled access, monitored gates, and 24x7 security guards. Being a small community, all are known to each other and this helps deter crime and provide residents with peace of mind.

2. Privacy

The controlled access gates help ensure that only authorized visitors and residents can enter the community. This limits unwanted solicitors and provides more privacy for homeowners. It also prevents door-to-door marketing people from barging in or any others from creating a nuisance.

3. Exclusivity

Gated communities are usually prestigious and have well-heeled residents. There are many exclusive lifestyles with amenities like badminton and tennis courts, swimming pools etc. This exclusivity is appealing to many homeowners as there is no waiting time or need to share resources with external members and non-residents.

4. Stable home values.

Properties in gated communities typically hold their value very well over time due to the demand and limited availability. Homeowners can have confidence that the investment will appreciate over time.

5. Sense of community

Residents in a gated community often bond over a shared interest in security, privacy and an upscale lifestyle. This can foster a strong sense of community. With the increased communication, many gated communities have exclusive Whatsapp groups where parties are organized and like-minded residents meet to bond on their hobbies, interests etc.

6. Amenities

Gated communities usually offer various amenities like fitness centers, playgrounds, walking trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, etc. These amenities provide entertainment and a higher quality of life for residents.

7. Controlled traffic

By controlling access, gated communities are able to minimize cut-through traffic and limit noise from vehicles. This results in safer, quieter streets for homeowners and their families.

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