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In India, investing in real estate is an age-old tradition of wealth creation. Today, with higher purchasing power, working couples, and higher cost of living, the need to build a vast asset that covers educational expenses, college, and other expenses is much more. The biggest and overriding need for a couple or an individual is owning a property or investing in a house that can generate long term returns on investment. However, before buying a property, it is crucial to evaluate and consider the factors based on which you are considering making an investment in the property so that it

How to buy a home that delivers long-term ROI

How to buy a home that delivers long-term ROI

Location: The most basic feature that one starts looking for a property is the location. Location plays an important role in the price and evaluation of a property. Some areas are marked as premium properties due to their infrastructure support, connectivity to other facilities, transport, schools, medical facilities including the kind of urban population that resides in such premium locations. It is also considered a matter of pride to live or purchase in such an area. At the same time, with the development of IT sector and a slew of tax benefits, it has become advantageous and desirable

Brand value: Apart from the location, there are other factors that prospective buyers must consider before buying a home. This includes looking into well-established names in real-estate that provide good facilities that add to the comfort and security of you and your family. Enough time must be invested in research to understand the type of projects and audience such real-estate projects cater to including any legal real-estate case history the developer may have had in the past or has not shared with you.

Amenities: Living in a fast-paced world, a stressful lifestyle has become a common factor that every individual is battling today. Today, in this backdrop, amenities that were once considered a luxury have today become a necessity. Well-maintained gymnasiums, swimming pools, zen gardens, walking trails, playhouse or play areas for children have become a must for the average household. Gated community projects are ideal for such investments.

Investment Capacity: The market is segmented depending on your purchasing power. For example, high net-worth individuals seek to invest in plush properties while middle-class buyers look into the price factor mainly, while also considering other factors such as location and infrastructure support. Home loan support and its terms is also another crucial factor that will drive investment decisions.

Socio-economic-political factors: The political-economic climate has a heavy impact on the real estate sector. With demonetization, the considerable slowdown has been witnessed by the industry. Even a high-worth project may not find buyers if it is priced high or you may end up with a distress sale.

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