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It’s no secret that cities and suburbs offer very different and distinct living experiences. Your age, your mindset and the current phase of life you are in should be factored in while buying property in either of the living spaces.

Although the place you call home should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle choices, certain factors such as cost of living, proximity to the workplace and other attractions, commute time, neighbourhood demographics and school systems should be key components while making a decision.

Deciding where you live is as important as the home you move into, hence, it is important to understand the difference between the two spaces.

Living in an urban space

Living in an urban space

As a city dweller, one of your main advantages is proximity to everything. You have a great variety to choose from choicest shopping arcades, supermarkets and eateries, and they are all easily accessible!

As you are aware, cities are where most social gatherings, events and nightlife takes place, and the higher population density allows you to meet new people, make new friends and indulge in your lifestyle. Apart from a zany nightlife, you also get a taste of local culture with art galleries, museums and live music concerts.

However, the cost of living is exponentially higher compared to suburbs especially when combined with smaller housing options. 

Driving and parking in the city is more difficult due to traffic and frequents jams on the road. However, fortunately, public transport is widespread, making your commute faster and easier.

  • Everyone is connected with the tap of a button
  • The convenience of public transportation
  • More employment opportunities
  • The best possible medical care
  • Better infrastructure and education opportunities
  • More overall facilities and knowledge about health
  • Endless entertainment options
  • Top-quality restaurants and shopping
  • More sporting and leisure facilities
  • The cost of living is high


Living in a suburban space

People who migrate from the city to the suburbs are almost often awe-struck by the peace and tranquillity of the area. 

One of the main advantages of living in the suburbs is that housing tends to both larger and more affordable than in cities, making it very attractive to both families and investors. 

Also, suburbs have a strong community spirit, with local groups or clubs and plenty of green parks to relax in.

While living in the suburbs sounds like a dream, there are a few inconveniences as well. since public transport is often harder to access, it makes for a long commute to reach your destination.

Restaurants and shopping centres are spread further apart, resulting in fewer convenient options.

– Privacy ensured
– Relaxing environment
– Affordable
– A green and spacious environment

What do you prefer?

Whether you find planting your roots somewhere in the suburbs or settling in as a city slicker appealing depends largely on your own circumstances.

Young working professionals with busy work or social lives often prefer the advantages of living in the city, particularly the convenience and nightlife. Settling down in the suburbs is a popular choice among first-time homebuyers and families, who are drawn to the relaxed lifestyle and more spacious and affordable homes.

Whatever your choice, the city and suburbs offer a great range of homes and you’re sure to find a house or apartment perfect for your needs.

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