Myths about Investing in Real Estate


Real-estate investment is no doubt an exciting option to consider where the expected returns are relatively high compared to more traditional methods of investment such as bonds or fixed deposits. As much as there are enough and more reasons for investors to jump in at any potential venture in this sector, there is also an equal number of reasons why investors sometimes hold back.

Myths about Investments in Real Estate

Popular misconceptions surrounding real-estate investment is the need to invest a large portion of your life-savings, consult with big-time real estate tycoons before placing your eggs in the golden basket and many more. So it is important to understand the real possibilities and the method to navigate the myths thriving in the real estate sector.

Myths about Investing in Real Estate

A better understanding of how the business of real-estate operates will help investors make better decisions. Most often, a key marketing tool used by real estate agents is that land is scarce and prices are only going go reeling up. With increased purchasing power coupled with the desire to invest in this sector, the argument seems to make for a strong case. However, there is only partial truth in this statement. Accepted that land is scarce than what it used to be before.

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Studies have demonstrated that inspite of land scarcity, there will still be enough left for human beings to survive. Further, with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to carry out high-cost efficiency of an acquired land. Most real-estate investors are under the impression that to get into the business of buying and selling properties, the basic rule of thumb is the need to invest your own money or credit to get the business going. This is not necessary if you have a list of leads of both interested buyers and sellers, so you can identify the right property for the right party where both buying and selling can be at a discounted rate.

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You also need to build on your list of potential investors. Further, your financing options are not just limited to banks as is typically believed, but if you research more, you will also see potential private investors who may be interested in your list of properties. Yet another impression of the real-estate market is based on riding the wave based on past performance. However, what was true earlier may have to be re-evaluated in the current context. So you may be in for a surprise if you expect a similar future boom. With the right combination of leads, knowledge and timing, you can control the way you buy and sell properties.

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This has a serious implication because people invest in real estate since the returns are supposed to be real-quick which is not the case. The real-estate market is driven by socio-economic market forces and hence is volatile. With decision was driven by data and technology, identifying potential investments and verifying it has become more transparent than what it used to be in the past. Last, but not the least, irrespective of whether you are operating in small or large markets, understanding the competition and making informed decisions will still see success.

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