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Among the metros in India, Chennai is one of the popular and sought out destinations in the real estate sector. This city with its rich, cultural heritage and history also ranks high in terms of the transportation network, safety for women, and the overall lifestyle. So it is no wonder that the city has been in the spotlight for a while now. Within Chennai, there are a number of areas that are designated prime properties and some that are known to be fast growing areas. Urapakam, which is about 40 minutes away from the Chennai suburb has been demonstrating a strong real estate growth in

Urapakam: An Investment Hub

Urapakam: An Investment Hub

Let us look at the factors that make Urapakam eye-candy for real-estate investors.

· Rental income 

In India, one of the most sought-after investments is in real-estate since it is considered a great revenue generator. One of the sources of income generation is rental income. Rental income here averages anywhere between INR 8000-INR 12000, which is also a similar average seen in other urban locations such as Kolathur. However, this also depends on the social infrastructure and amenities that are available in the area or the apartment complex.

· Connectivity

Urapakam is known as the gateway to the South due to its transportation network that connects well-known cities and towns in the southern part. It is well-connected to the rest of the city due to its proximity to major highways such as the Chennai Outer Ring road, Kelambakam-Vandalur road, NH32, and Grand Southern Trunk road (GST). This urban centre also has rail connectivity saving commuters considerable time. The distance between the international airport and Urapakam is only 23 kms making this urban location an attractive option for investors.

· Development Plans

Urapakam is in proximity to Tambaram, which is a much sought-out are for its well-developed amenities, train connectivity including other local transportation systems. Further, the CMDA extension plan is expected to include Uthiramerur, Gummidipoondi, and Arakonam also as part of the development process.

· Infrastructure

Apart from the railway station in Urapakam, the government has also proposed a plan to build a bus terminal which is critical in improving and increasing the connectivity between Uthiramerur and other parts of the towns and cities. The development of schools and playschools is also expected to boost real-estate development in this area. There is also the development of banks and financial institutions, availability of ATMs, supermarkets and development of malls as well as healthcare access that is making Urapakam an undeniably hot property to reckon with. Such

Given such crucial factors, the scales are tipped towards Urapakam as the next big real-estate destination.

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